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What is Family Behavior Therapy?

Family Behavior Therapy (FBT) is a cost-effective intervention and evidence-based treatment which utilizes innovative, easily learned, behavioral therapies to accomplish goal performance within family context. FBT focuses on optimizing thoughts and behaviors through performance programming that typically consist of 12 to 16 outpatient sessions of approximately 60 to 90 minutes that are scheduled to occur across 4 to 6 month period. FBT has been found to assist goal accomplishment in a wide array of areas, including mental health, family relationships, sobriety and effective management of substances, employment, sport performance, self-protection, home safety and beautification. To enhance participation in FBT this approach incorporates “enlistment and retention strategy” that has proven to be effective.

After a battery of psychometrically validated assessment measures are completed by the client and adult significant other, standardized methods are utilized to assist therapists in coherently conceptualizing the assessment information for family members, and guiding the family in the selection of their own intervention plan from a menu of alternatives. Selected interventions are implemented successively and cumulatively. That is, after each intervention is implemented for the first time, it is reviewed in all subsequent sessions to a lesser extent as relevant skills are developed. Immediately post-intervention, assessment measures are again administered, and comparisons are made to evaluate program effects. Follow-up assessments occur up to 6-months post-intervention to evaluate program outcomes, when indicated (i.e., required by funding agency).