Funding Alternatives

Please contact Brad Donohue if you would like to be trained in FBT, but do not have sufficient funding.

Options to discuss may include:

1) Dr. Donohue or national trainers providing training pro bono, or at a significantly lowered fee.

2) Recovering training costs through the provision of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that are designed to assist attendees in maintaining professional State licensure to practice. Attendees outside the organizing entity are charged to attend training for CEUs (permitting the organizing entity to receive cost-free or low-cost training).

3) Cost-sharing in which the organizing entity desiring training splits FBT training expenses with other entities that are interested in training.

4) All or some of the FBT intervention components can be taught in workshops without on-going training to assist in determining interest in full scale FBT training at minimal cost while obtaining basic skills that can earn CEUs. These trainings may include specific intervention components (e.g., Self Control, Emergency Management) or intervention components that are clustered together according to themes (e.g., Family Relationships/Communication Skills Training, Internal and Environmental Control, Job Getting and Financial Management, Parent Skills Training).